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May 08 2020
Musikgarten News: No News is Good News

Hello Everyone, Someone once said, "no news is good news." As we have all grown a little more comfortable in our current situations we do realize that much of life continues and we make plans, learn something new, and start new...

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May 06 2020
Musikgarten Blog: Tips for Conducting a Virtual Music Class for Children

For many teachers across the country and the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has required that they embrace technology in a way like never before. Whether they were already tech-savvy or tech averse, teaching virtually has become a necessary reality for...

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May 01 2020
COVID-19: A Note From Musikgarten 5-1-20

Hello Everyone, During these challenging times, we at Musikgarten have been impressed by the resilience and creativity that many of our studio owners and teachers are showing. With the help of technology, many studios are continuing to conduct their music classes...

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Apr 24 2020
COVID-19: A Note From Musikgarten

Hello Everyone, We at Musikgarten hope that you are staying safe and healthy. The COVID-19 situation has presented plenty of challenges, but this “new normal” has also brought some very positive outcomes. On a personal level, slowing down some, spending more...

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Apr 21 2020
Utilizing Downtime to Nurture your Children’s Music Studio

As many businesses across the world have temporarily (and in unfortunate cases permanently), shuttered their doors amid the coronavirus crisis, there are some signs of light at the end of the tunnel for states begin lifting stay at home orders. However,...

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Apr 15 2020
Spring Reminds Children of Music

The Covid-19 epidemic, and subsequent stay at home orders, are testing our resolve and family dynamics. However, there is a place where almost anyone can find refuge from the monotony by simply stepping outside. Just on the heels of Easter,...

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Mar 28 2020
A Family that Sings Together is Stronger

While social distancing would seem like a means by which we will all have more time to ourselves, anyone with family members at home knows this cannot be farther from the truth. Parents who are lucky enough to be able...

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Mar 27 2020
COVID-19: Musikgarten Office Hours Change

Hello Everyone, The COVID-19 situation continues to present new challenges to all of us on a daily basis. Our first priority must be the health of our teachers, studio owners, employees, and families. The city of Greensboro, NC, where Musikgarten is located,...

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Mar 24 2020
COVID-19: Cleaning Unfinished Wood Instruments

Hello Everyone,   We all have our concerns during this uneasy time and I wanted to address cleaning the natural, unfinished, wood instruments. These would include the sticks, jingles, rattles, and sand blocks.   The best way to think about these...

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Mar 20 2020
More COVID-19 News

Hello Everyone, Every day we face another new phase of this ever changing situation. Every business is adjusting in new, and let’s face it - scary, ways. Here in Greensboro, NC all restaurants, bars, and coffee houses are either closed or trying...

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Mar 19 2020
Message from Musikgarten: COVID-19

Hello Everyone,   What challenging times we are all experiencing! Things are moving so fast that making the best decision for you, your family and your business is a daunting task. We wish to assure you, that we will support you, our teachers,...

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Mar 15 2020
Summer Materials Sale

Summer is around the corner and parents are already looking for summer activities for their children. Now is the time to contact your families and open your summer program registration.   Our Summer Materials Sale will help! Enjoy discounted pricing on all...

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Mar 13 2019
Book: A Song from the Heart: The Pedagogical Philosophy of Lorna Lutz Heyge, PhD

Title:  A Song from the Heart:  The Pedagogical Philosophy of Lorna Lutz Heyge, PhD A Song from the Heart is the story of Musikgarten.  The book includes background on Lorna Heyge's educational and professional journey toward Musikgarten  and a concise history of...

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Jan 25 2018
Hungry Children Update: Donation for Mobile Market

This past summer the Musikgarten Foundation agreed to donate $15 to Guilford Child Development for each summer workshop registration Musikgarten received. With this help, we were able to help supply three months of food for our neighborhood. The line for the...

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Jun 27 2018
Blog Post: HELP! How to manage a class of VERY active Toddlers!

As Musikgarten teachers, we always have to be on our toes, and have lots of tips up our sleeve!!  "Educating" parents and setting up expectations from the beginning will help immensely!  Here are a few quick tips or reminders to...

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